A World of Fantasy: The Best Locations on the Game of Thrones Map


A World of Fantasy: The Best Locations on the Game of Thrones Map

A World of Fantasy: The Best Locations on the Game of Thrones Map

Who wouldn’t want to take a walk around the Game of Thrones map? Westeros and Essos are fascinating continents, as evidenced by the amazing opening credits scene that appears in every episode of the show. If you’ve thought of visiting that world, you can do much worse than the locations below.

Game of Thrones Map: King's Landing in Game of Thrones


The beating heart of the Seven Kingdoms is, undoubtedly, King’s Landing. A port city on the great Game of Thrones map, it’s where the king or queen rules over their lands. It’s described alternately as a beautiful city and a cesspool, depending on which part of the city you visit. Don’t forget to take a look at the Great Sept of Baelor (or what’s left of it) — it’s a spot on the Game of Thrones character map that has been very recently altered.

Game of Thrones Map: Winterfell in Game of Thrones


Like your scenery a little more stark? If so, it’s time to head up north on the Game of Thrones world map and visit Winterfell. The seat of power for the unfortunate Stark clan, it’s as cold as its name would suggest. Of course, you can always expect a great deal of hospitality from the family — as long as one of them is around, anyway. Be sure to visit the crypts if you get a chance, and always make sure to avoid committing any crimes. It turns out that the Starks take that sort of thing very personally.

Game of Thrones Map: Castle Black at the Wall in Game of Thrones


At the top of the Game of Thrones map is the Wall. Tall, imposing, and absolutely necessary, the Wall separates the Seven Kingdoms from the frozen north. Some say that it’s inhabited by evil magic zombies while others note that the entire area is just unpleasant due to the Night’s Watch. Definitely pay a visit before your watch ends.

Game of Thrones Map: Dorne in Game of Thrones


Beautiful, scenic Dorne is another spot to visit on the map of Game of Thrones. The home of the Martells and their incredibly large (and not entirely legitimate) family tree, it’s a great place to go if you want fun in the sun. Dorne’s got a little bit of everything, including vast deserts and beautiful gardens. Do what you can to stay out of the dungeons, and always make sure to pay attention to what you eat and drink. Still, it’s one of the safer places in Westeros as it’s generally quite isolated from the various wars. You’ll be fine as long as you avoid sand snakes.

Game of Thrones Map: Braavos in Game of Thrones


National in-fighting not your thing? Why not step away from the war and visit Braavos during your tour of the Game of Thrones map? Whether you’re a fan of open air markets, the theater, or massive banks, Braavos has everything you’re looking for. While certainly a neutral party, that doesn’t mean that Braavos is immune to the dangerous charms of the rest of the world. Be sure to watch out for anyone who seems to look different from moment to moment, and always be willing to respond to a hearty Valar morghulis. Also, don’t drink anything from a fountain, especially if it’s in a temple.